2007 Foals

Photos will be posted as they are available. The foals are listed in the order they were born. Prices and availability subject to change.

April 2 - Red roan filly

(Sirbee x Chocolate Lady)


April 2 - Black filly

(Cayuse Smoke x Autumn Leaf)

Not for sale a this time.

April 2 - Red dun stud

(Choctaw Three x Irish Lassy)

Not for sale at this time.

April 2 - Red pinkish sabino stud. He is fading and we will have to take updates of him soon.

(High Desert Sabino x Minnesota Maiden)


April 4 - Bay filly

(High Desert Sabino x Cheyenne Starr)


April 7 - Bay stud

(Canyon Rim Charley x Little Mocha)


April 8 - Grulla filly

(Canyon Rim Charley x Dancing Fever)


April 9 - Sorrel filly

(High Desert Sabino x Charity)

Not for sale at this time.

April 15 - Bay stud

(Canyon Rim Charley x Charlie's Ladyhawk)


April 20 - Bay dun roan stud. He has one blue eye, like his sister from last year.

(Sirbee x Moonlight)


April 27 - Red dun roan filly

(Sirbee x Lucia)


April 30 - Black medicine hat filly

(Nevada Bob x Cocoa)


May 2 - Black filly

(Cayuse Smoke x White Squaw)

Not for sale at this time.

May 9 - Red dun filly

(Nevada Bob x Red Sun II)


May 13 - Grulla filly

(Nevada Bob x Country Music)


April - Dark red medicine hat filly

(War Dancer x Sagebrush Maiden)


August 29th - Grulla overo colt with a lopsided face marking. This is our last baby of the year.

(Canyon Rim Charley x Maverick Lady)

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