2009 Foals

Prices and availability subject to change. All the foals are currently out on range with their mothers. They will be available when weaned in the Fall as it is convenient. It's always good to call, if you are interested in discussing a purchase.

Updates in process on 6/19/09....

Canyon Rim Charley Choctaw Three (Gary) High Desert Sabino Humbolt
I'Kkitsi-Peta (Grey Eagle) Kid's Reflection Narragansett Jack Nevada Bob
Rambler Sirbee Sundowner

Canyon Rim Charley - Back to top

Bay roan stud with a star

(Canyon Rim Charlie x Anything's Rose)

Choctaw Three (Gary) - Back to top

(Choctaw Three x )

High Desert Sabino - Back to top

Grulla stud with a star and two hind socks

(High Desert Sabino x Cheyenne Starr)

Dun stud with a blaze and stockings and a sock

(High Desert Sabino x Minnesota Maiden)

Humbolt - Back to top

(Humbolt x )

I'Kkitsi-Peta (Grey Eagle) - Back to top

(I'Kkitsi-Peta x )

Kid's Reflection - Back to top

Bay filly with a star

(Kid's Reflection x Little Mocha)

Bay dun filly born April 20, 2009.

(Kid's Reflection x Misprint)


Dun stud with a blaze

(Kid's Reflection x Plenty Lonesome)


Narragansett Jack - Back to top

(Narragansett Jack x )

Nevada Bob - Back to top

Bay stud with hind stockings

(Nevada Bob x Cougar Nell)

Payaso - Back to top

Buckskin blanket appaloosa

(Payaso? x )


(Payaso? x )


(Payaso? x )

(Payaso x )

Rambler - Back to top

Buckskin dun stud with a star and three socks born May 19, 2009.

(Rambler x Friday's Princess)


Dun stud with a star and two socks

(Rambler x Wyoming Dusk)

Buckskin dun filly with a small blaze and stockings and a blue eye

(Rambler x Irish Mist)

Sirbee - Back to top

Red roan filly with a blaz.

(Sirbee x Lucia)

Bay roan stud - As you can see he's a friendly one.

(Sirbee x Nevada Ann)

Red roan stud

(Sirbee x Sioux Flower)

Sundowner - Back to top

Grulla sabino filly

(Sundowner x Sequoyah's Strawberry)

Grulla roan filly

(Sundowner x Charlotte)

Grulla or dun filly

(Sundowner x Lighthouse)

Dun stud with a blaze and stockings

(Sundowner x Utah Belle)

Still identifying these Spring photos.

Chestnut with star

( x )


Red dun with star

( x )


Grulla with large star/small blaze

( x )



( x )


Black with star

( x )



( x )

Sorrel? Bay?

( x )


( x )

Dun with a star

( x )

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