Spanish Mustangs

Mission Statement

Cayuse Ranch

The Cayuse Ranch is dedicated to the preservation of the Spanish Mustang horse, their culture and their way of life.

We accomplish this through correct breeding, a stimulating natural environment, proper training and horsemanship skills but most of all a love for the horse.

The Cayuse Ranch's Spanish Mustang herd has been maintained the most naturally correct way possible, giving the horseman a chance to study natural horse and develop horsemanship skills that fit the natural horse. The natural environment, along with the human world, gives a young horse a stimulating environment to naturally develop in. When left to explore on their own, horses do so safely and confidently. Training is done in a stress free manner by treating each horse as an individual and customizing a training method to fit his or her individual needs.

While most of the horse industry is migrating towards modern scientific methods, at the Cayuse Ranch we remain dedicated to preserving the Spanish Mustang's natural heritage and way of life; studying the horse in nature and perfecting our horsemanship to better fit the horse and nature instead of training the horse to fit into our world.

-Owned and operated by the Brislawn Family and the Spanish Mustangs-

Goals and projects we are currently working on:

  • Promoting the study of the natural horse and assisting horsemen with creating a foundation based on the understanding of the horse.
  • Computerizing breeding records.
  • Developing real-time training videos.
  • Documenting training principals.
  • Documenting and videoing natural horse behaviors.

The Brislawn Family
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