Choctaw Three


SMR 890
(Choctaw II SMR 318 x Tiger Lily SMR 995)
Dun stallion foaled 1987

Here are a few of Gary's get...

April 1, 2003 - Buckskin stud.
(Choctaw Three x Sagebrush Lilly)
Top photo October '03

April 9, 2003 - Buckskin stud
(Choctaw Three x Charlie's Ladyhawke)
April 14, 2003 - Grulla stocking legged stud with a bald face
(Choctaw Three x White Squaw)
Updated photo from November on the bottom.

May 5, 2003 - Dun filly
(Choctaw Three x Dancing Fever)

Choctaw Lily

SMR 3150
(Choctaw Three x Irish Lassy)
Dun mare born 2001.
Lily is now owned by Simrat Khalsa.

Choctaw Cowby

SMR 2357
(Choctaw Three x Little Valley)
Dun gelding born 1996.

Cowboy is owned by Mike and Melanie Pittman of Many Ponies Spanish Mustangs.

Gary's Mares...

Irish Lassy
SMR 2082
(Chief Masada SMR 890 x Pandora SMR 745)
Foaled 1994

SMR 3153
(Sangria Real SMR 1750 x Samhailt SMR 773)
Seal brown mare foaled 6/8/97

Sagebrush Lilly
SMR 3063
(Azor SMR 879 x Sagebrush Maiden SMR 1397)
Foaled 1998

White Squaw
SMR 1896
(White Lightning SMR 312 x Rabbit SMR 322)
Foaled 1990

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