Nevada Bob

SMR 2794
Sorrel overo stallion
Feral stallion from Nevada foaled 1995


Here are a few of Bob's foals...

March 28, 2003 - Sorrel filly, with a stripe down the face, two socks behind and boot in front.
(Nevada Bob x Sioux Mi)


April 29, 2003 - Grulla stud with a stripe, 2 stockings and a boot.
(Nevada Bob x Nevada Ann)
Photo July '04

April 3, 3004 - Medicine hat stud
(Nevada Bob x Sioux Flower)
Not for Sale

April 5, 2004 - Black filly
(Nevada Bob x Cocoa)

Nevada Bob's Mares...

SMR 2293
(Jack Slade SMR 668 x Cinder SMR 1419)
Foaled 1990

Cougar Nell
SMR 2793
(Feral from Nevada x Feral from Nevada)
Dun roan overo mare foaled 1996

Nevada Ann SMR 2795 Nevada Ann
SMR 2795
(Feral from Nevada x Feral from Nevada)
Foaled 1996

Sioux Flower
SMR 1916
(Chief Crazy Horse SMR 493 x Sagebrush Maiden SMR 1397)
Foaled 1991

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