Sangria Real SMR 1750

Sangrea Real

SMR 1750
(Blood SMR 714 x Rose of Andaluz SMR 1265)
Black stallion foaled 1989
Double Ka-Maw-I grandson
Sangrea and his mares are owned by Kitty Uibreaslain. The Cayuse Ranch is now managing this herd.


Here are a few of Sangrea's foals...

April 3 - Dun stud
(Sangria Real x Gwenhwyfar)

April 8 - Black stud
(Sangria Real x Raffaella)

Sangrea's Mares...

Gwenhwyfar SMR 3221 Gwenhwyfar
SMR 3221
(Choctaw Three SMR 1915 x Replique SMR 1268)
Dun mare
Foaled 1996

Mission Belle SMR 1683 Mission Belle
SMR 1683
(Chief Santa Domingo SMR 771 x Kaabrie SMR 1228)
Chestnut Medicine Hat mare
Foaled 1991

Rafaella SMR 2689 Raffaella
SMR 2689
(Sangrea Real SMR 1750 x Roxxi SMR 2443)
Smokey buckskin/dun mare
Foaled 1994

Sha-Hi-ye-Na Sha-Hi-Ye-Na
Black mare (greyed)
(Texas Pony Syndidate SMR 1413 x Dulcenea de la Mancha SMR 1368)
Foaled 4/15/95

Ticwtkwa SMR 3222 Ticwt’kwa
SMR 3222
(Texas Pony Syndicate SMR 1413 x Moon Meeting SMR 1753)
Black mare
Foaled 1998

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